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Boot from SD Card

Get the following files from here download link:

  • Get an 8G SDHC card and backup its data if necessary.
Image Files
rk3399-sd-buildroot-linux-4.4-arm64-YYYYMMDD.img.zip Buildroot image file with Qt5-wayland (base on Rockchip Linux SDK)
rk3399-sd-friendlydesktop-bionic-4.4-arm64-YYYYMMDD.img.zip FriendlyDesktop image file with X Window (base on Ubuntu 18.04 64bit)
rk3399-sd-friendlycore-bionic-4.4-arm64-YYYYMMDD.img.zip FriendlyCore with Qt 5.10.0 (base on Ubuntu core) image file
rk3399-sd-lubuntu-desktop-xenial-4.4-armhf-YYYYMMDD.img.zip Lubuntu Desktop image file with X Window
Flash Utility:
win32diskimager.rar Windows utility. Under Linux users can use "dd"
  • Extract these files. Insert an SD card(at least 8G) into a Windows PC and run the win32diskimager utility as administrator. On the utility's main window select your SD card's drive, the wanted image file and click on "write" to start flashing the SD card.
  • Insert this card into your board's boot slot and power on, If the PWR LED is on and LED1 is blinking this indicates your board has successfully booted.
  • The Android system does not support starting from the SD card. If you need to run the Android system, please buy the eMMC module, and then burn the Android system to the eMMC to run, referring to the following section.