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1 Work with Android7


FriendlyElec provides a full Android7.1 BSP for {{{1}}}. The source code is hosted at gitlab.com and is open source. The BSP supports GPU and VPU hardware acceleration.

1.1 Connect MIPI Camera to T4

FriendlyElec developed a MIPI camera CAM1320 for {{{1}}} and it works under Android. You can use this camera to take pictures and record video. The operation is straightforward. You just need to connect the camera at your {{{1}}}'s MIPI interface, boot your T4 to Android and start Android's camera app.

The {{{1}}} has two MIPI interfaces: one front camera and the other rear camera:

Interface Camera Type(front or rear)
MIPI-CSI1 Android rear camera
MIPI-CSI2 Android front camera

1.2 Set HDMI Display

If your board is connected to an HDMI monitor and it runs Android you can go to "Settings -> Display -> HDMI" to make your setting.

HDMI Resolution By default it is "Auto". You can set its resolution up to 4K
Screen Zoom There will be four arrows you can click on to zoom in/out
HDMI Rotation Set it landscape or portrait.

1.3 Rotate Display

Enter Android's Settings -> Display -> HDMI -> HDMI Rotation. It supports both landscape and portrait.