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1 Test Network Performance

  • In Friendlycore we can use the iperf utility to test network performance. Make sure your board is connected properly and the hardware works before start testing

Network cable.jpg

  • To avoid interference from unexpected sources use an independent IP section and test with a PC host.

1.1 Setup Network

  • When you test Ethernet please disable WiFi. You can disable WiFi by running the following commands.
 ifconfig wlan0 down

NanoPi R1S-H3 ifconfig.jpg

  • When you test WiFi please disconnect or disable Ethernet. You can disable Ethernet by running the following commands.
 ifconfig eth0 down

1.2 测试开发板发送性能


  • 1、使用以下命令查看PC机的IP地址,例如本机的IP地址为192.168.10.100
  • 2、在PC机终端使用以下命令运行iperf软件,并设置PC机为server
 iperf -s
  • 3、在开发板的调试终端执行以下命令,运行iperf软件,并设置开发板为client,开始测试,请注意IP地址需改成你的PC机实际的IP地址
 iperf -c -t 60 -i 1

以NanoPi R1S-H3为例,实际发送性能测试如下图所示:
NanoPi-R1S-H3 iperf-c.jpg

1.3 测试开发板接收性能


  • 1、使用以下命令查看开发板的IP地址,例如本开发板的IP地址为192.168.10.102
  • 2、在开发板终端使用以下命令运行iperf软件,并设置开发板为server
 iperf -s
  • 3、在PC机的终端执行以下命令,运行iperf软件,并设置PC机为client,开始测试,请注意IP地址需改成你的开发板实际的IP地址
 iperf -c -t 60 -i 1

以NanoPi R1S-H3为例,实际接收性能测试如下图所示:
NanoPi-R1S-H3 iperf-s.jpg