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1 Work with FriendlyWrt

1.1 Introduction to FriendlyWrt

FriendlyWrt is a customized system made by FriendlyElec based on an OpenWrt distribution. It is open source and well suitable for developing IoT applications, NAS applications, smart home gateways etc.

1.2 Account & Password

By default the password is NULL. You can set a password for root for web and SSH login.

1.3 Network Connection

Use a network cable to connect {{{1}}}'s WAN to a master router and the board will get an IP address via DHCP. Login into the router and check {{{1}}}'s IP address.

1.4 Login FriendlyWrt

Type {{{1}}}'s IP address in a browser's address bar and enter to open FriendlyWrt's administration page or you can login into FriendlyWrt's administration page via SSH.

1.5 安装软件包

1.5.1 更新可用软件包列表


$ opkg update

1.5.2 查看可安装的软件包

$ opkg list


1.5.3 查看已安装的软件

$ opkg list-installed

1.5.4 安装软件

$ opkg install <包各称>

1.5.5 删除软件

$ opkg remove <包各称>

1.6 玩转Docker应用

1.6.1 Docker使用:安装JellyBin影音服务器

mkdir -p /jellyfin/config
mkdir -p /jellyfin/videos
docker run --restart=always -d -p 8096:8096 -v /jellyfin/config:/config -v /jellyfin/videos:/videos jellyfin/jellyfin:10.1.0-arm64 -name myjellyfin


1.6.2 Docker使用:安装个人网盘nextcloud

mkdir /nextcloud -p
docker run -d -p 8888:80  --name nextcloud  -v /nextcloud/:/var/www/html/ --restart=always --privileged=true  arm64v8/nextcloud


1.7 启动swap分区



1.8 挂载smbfs共享资源

mount -t cifs // /movie -o username=xxx,password=yyy,file_mode=0644

1.9 编译FriendlyWrt

请参考: How to Build FriendlyWrt/zh