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FriendlyDesktop is a light-weighted Ubuntu desktop system. It is based on LXDE and has the following features:
    Latest Version - Based on Ubuntu 18.04 64
    Various Development Utilities - It is compatible with FriendlyCore and has integrated an optimized Qt5.10, QtCreator and Arduino IDE.
    Light-weighted - it consumes relatively less CPU resources than a common desktop system. When a system's RAM is sufficient it can achieve much better performance.
    Less Power Consumption - it consumes relatively less power or resources than a common desktop system to achieve the same performance.
    Compact and Neat - its desktop is based on GTK+ 2 and it supports multiple languages.
    Easy to Use - its GUI looks similar to MS Windows'.
    Customizable - Users can customize LXDE's GUI.
    Compatible - it is compatible with freedesktop.org.
FriendlyELEC has optimized support for Mali GPU and VPU in FriendlyDesktop for RK3399 and integrated drivers for X.org. FriendlyDesktop supports Hardware Cursor, OpenGL graphic acceleration, 4K video playing with hardware decoding.