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FriendlyCore is a Ubuntu core based OS which doesn't have X Desktop. Its current version is 18.04

FriendlyCore targets enterprise users and is customized for industrial applications. FriendlyCore and Ubuntu base target different users. FriendlyCore has both a commandline utility and a two GUI utilities:
1)Qt 5.10.0 cuustomized for ROCKCHIP3399. It supports GPU and VPU acceleration and has modules like: QtQuick/QtWebEngine/QtMultimedia/WebGL and three display plug-ins:KMS, EGLFS and XCB;
2) Xorg system. It can run X11 applications and supports hardware acceleration;

FriendlyCore for RK3399 has the following features:

  • supports FriendlyElec's 7"LCD with capacitive touch - HD702. If a board is connected to both an LCD and an HDMI monitor the LCD and the HDMI monitor can be set to display either differently or the same;
  • supports Gstreamer 1.0 multi-media framework;
  • supports hard encoding video playing with either commandline utility or Qt player;
  • supports Qt5 WebGL;
  • supports Qt5 VNC and runs a Qt application as a VNC Server allowing remote control;
  • supports bluetooth. It has preinstalled bluez packages;