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1 Introduction

0.96inch 128x64 OLED

This is a tiny single color OLED. Its dimension is 0.96". Its resolution is 128 x 64. It can display text and graphics.It is high contrast and low power consumption. This module is powered by 5V which is then converted to 3.3V to OLED. It communicates via SPI or I2C. Its signal level is 3.3V. By default it communicates via SPI. If you want to set it to I2C you can change the module's resistor configuration.

2 Features

  • Tiny
  • High contrast, low power consumption
  • SPI/I2C
  • 2.54mm spacing pin header
  • PCB Dimension(mm): 27 x 32


  • Pin Description:
Pin Description
CS Chip Selection
DC Data/Command
RES Reset
5V Power Supply 5V
GND Ground

3 Basic Device Operation

4 Applications

4.1 Connect to NanoPi M1

Refer to the following connection diagram to connect the module to the NanoPi M1

Connection Details

Matrix-0.96'_128x64_OLED NanoPi M1
CS Pin24
DC Pin7
RES Pin11
MOSI Pin19
CLK Pin23
5V Pin2
GND Pin6

4.2 Connect to NanoPi 2

Refer to the following connection diagram to connect the module to the NanoPi 2:

Connection Details:

Matrix-0.96'_128x64_OLED NanoPi
CS Pin24
DC Pin7
RES Pin11
5V Supply Voltage 5V
GND Ground

5 Compile & Run Test Program

Boot your ARM board with Debian and copy the matrix code

$ apt-get update && apt-get install git
$ git clone

If your cloning is done successfully a "matrix" directory will be generated.

Compile and install Matrix:

$ cd matrix
$ make && make install

Run test program:

$ matrix-oled

Here is what you should expect:
The OLED displays the following two lines:

6 Code Sample

This Matrix code sample can work with all the ARM boards mentioned in this module's wiki. The name of this code sample is "matrix-0.96_128x64_oled". Here is its source code:

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) 
    int devFD;
    if (boardInit() < 0) {
        printf("Fail to init board\n");
        return -1;
    if ((devFD = OLEDInit(GPIO_PIN(7), GPIO_PIN(11))) == -1) {
        printf("Fail to init OLED\n");
        return -1;
    // Char bitmap: 8x16
    OLEDDisp8x16Str(devFD, 0, 0, "ABCDEFGHIJKLMN");
    OLEDDisp8x16Str(devFD, 0, 16, "123456789");
    return 0;

For more details about this APIs called in this code sample refer to :Matrix API reference manual

7 Resources

8 Update Log

8.1 Feb-19-2016

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8.2 June-16-2016

  • Re-organized & simplified the wiki