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1 2020-05-14

1.1 FriendlyWrt

  • upgraded kernel to 5.4.40,fixed bpfilter issue
  • added new usb wifi(rtl8812au)
  • fixed overlayfs issue

2 2020-02-25

2.1 FriendlyWrt

2.1.1 update to v19.07.1,please use branch master-v19.07.1:
mkdir friendlywrt-rk3328
cd friendlywrt-rk3328
repo init -u https://github.com/friendlyarm/friendlywrt_manifests -b master-v19.07.1 -m rk3328.xml --repo-url=https://github.com/friendlyarm/repo --no-clone-bundle
repo sync -c --no-clone-bundle
2.1.2 fixed some issues:
  • fixed bpfilter module issue
  • updated feeds to the latest commit

  • removed modemmanager and mwan3 plugins
  • adjusted cpu scaling governor, optimized startup speed

3 2020-02-20

3.1 FriendlyWrt

  • Optimized openssl performance
  • Added support for PWM fan, support fan speed control (platform: rk33xx)

4 2020-01-18

Initial Release