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Serial Device Names under Multiple Platforms

  • Allwinner H3/H5 Based Boards (NanoPi M1/NanoPi M1 Plus etc)

UART1-> /dev/ttyS1
UART2 -> /dev/ttyS2
UART3 -> /dev/ttyS3 (Only applies to NanoPi M1, NanoPi K1 and NanoPi K1 Plus)

  • S5P4418 Based Boards (NanoPi Fire2A/NanoPi M2A/NanoPi S2/NanoPC-T2 etc)

UART1 -> /dev/ttyAMA1 [Note 1]
UART2 -> /dev/ttyAMA2 [Note 1]
UART3 -> /dev/ttyAMA3
UART4 -> /dev/ttyAMA4

  • S5P6818 Based Boards (NanoPi M3/NanoPC-T3 etc)

UART1 -> /dev/ttySAC1 [Note 1]
UART2 -> /dev/ttySAC2 [Note 1]
UART3 -> /dev/ttySAC3
UART4 -> /dev/ttySAC4

Note 1: only applies to specific boards, you need to check if a board has that serial device populated.

  • NanoPC T4

UART4 Only

Serial Port Funcation
UART0 Bluetooth
UART1 Ehternet
UART3 Ehternet
UART4 Available, /dev/ttyS4