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NanoHat PCM5102A
  • The Matrix - NanoHat PCM5102A module uses TI's DAC audio chip PCM5102A and NS' low-noise, ultra-low dropout LP2992 regulator. PCM5102A's sample rates up to 384kHz and its resolution is 32-bit.
  • Its dynamic range is 112dB. Its THD+N at –1 dBFS is -93db. Its full-scale single-ended output is 2.1V. The SNR is 120dB.
  • Its onboard VS1838B infrared receiver allows it to be remote-controlled.
  • This module has exactly the same dimension as the NanoPi NEO/Air and can be stacked on an NanoPi NEO/Air.

Hardware Spec

  • Ultra-low out-of-band noise
  • Audio data bit length: 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit
  • Audio format selection: I2S (Low) / Left-justified
  • Sampling frequency: 384KHz, resolution: 32-bit
  • Onboard infrared receiver

NanoHat PCM5102A-PCB

  • Pin Description:

NanoPi NEO/Air 24 Pin header is not listed here. Refer to NanoPi NEO/Air's wiki site for more details
NanoPi NEO NanoPi NEO Air

12Pin header pin description:

Pin Name Description
1 VDD_5V 5V Power In
2 NC Not Connected
3 NC Not Connected
4 NC Not Connected
5   NC Not Connected
6   IR Receiver IR Receiver
7   NC Not Connected
8   LRCK I2S/PCM Sample Rate Clock/Sync
9   BCK I2S/PCM Sample Rate Clock
10   DIN I2S/PCM Serial Data Input
11   NC Not Connected
12   GND GND


The NanoHat PCM5102A can be stacked on the NanoPi NEO/Air. Here is a hardware setup:
Matrix - NanoHat   PCM5102A_nanopi_NEO

How to Play

After you mount your PCM5102A to a NanoPi NEO/Air connect your PCM5102A to speakers with a RCA to 3.5mm audio jack cable and power on your NanoPi NEO/Air

Run the following commands to play an audio file (in our example we played kewang.mp3)

madplay kewang.mp3

Here is what you expect to observe:
Matrix - NanoHat PCM5102A play.jpg


Update Log


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