BakeBit - Red LED

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  • The BakeBit - Red LED is an LED module. This module has a triode which is used to turn the LED on or off. There is a potentiometer in series connection with the LED. When users adjust the potentiometer the LED's luminance will be changed accordingly. Or you input PWM signals to control the LED's luminance.

Hardware Spec

  • Standard 2.0mm pitch 4-Pin BakeBit Interface
  • LED's luminance adjustable
  • Digital Input
  • LED Color: Red

BakeBit - Red LED

  • Pin Description:
Pin Description
GND Ground
5V 5V Supply Voltage
NC Not Connected
SIG Signal

Code Sample: LED Blink

Refer to the code sample of the BakeBit_-_Green_LED Module.


Update Log


  • Released English version